Latest  | 19/09/2023

Five New Funding Programs offered through the Recovery and Resilience Plan

COMPONENT 4.6 Modernize and improve resilience of key economic sectors «Culture as a driver of growth». MEASURE TITLE: «Sub.5 Greek Film Centre: Film Production Support Programs» (MIS 5174143)

The Greek Film Centre (GFC) offers five new programs to support Greek film production, funded by the European Commission – Next Generation EU, in the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “GREECE 2.0”. The aim of the new programs is to showcase and assist emerging talent, facilitate funding access for independent producers and strengthen the Greek and European production sector. The total budget available is 7,247,000 € and the program runs from 2023 to the end of 2025.

The new programs consist of the following initiatives:

Micro Budget – Short: designed to support the production of the first or the second short film of emerging filmmakers (excluding student films) with funding up to 25,000 €.

Total program budget: 797,250 €.

Micro Budget – Plus: designed to support the production of low-budget feature films aspiring to promote new trends, aesthetic experimentation and diversity with funding up to 70,000 €.

Total program budget: 1,594,499 €.

Development: designed to support film development of feature films, prioritising projects created by producers and filmmakers who kickstart their careers and projects with international potential and/or a co-funding strategy, with funding up to 18,000 €.

Total program budget: 398,625€.

Co-Production Window: designed to support International Co-productions across feature and short films with funding up to 150,000 €. This program aims at creating a collaborative environment with the European production sector in order to increase the engagement of Greek creatives and other professionals and attract the investment of foreign capital in the Greek audiovisual industry.

Total program budget: 3,886,592€.

The Future Is Here:

a) Sub-program “Other Realities” designed to support the production of original short projects using new technologies (3D, VR, AR, Mixed Reality, 360⁰, immersive technologies and interactive works etc.) with funding up to 25,000 € and

b) Sub-program “Audiovisual projects” designed to support the development of audiovisual works (stand-alone or episodic) with international distribution potential with funding up to 15,000 €.

The aim of this pilot program is to support audiovisual work that fully utilize current technological opportunities

Total program budget: 570,034 €.