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Latest  | 09/11/2023

SEE Cinema Network Development Awards

The South-Eastern European (SEE) Cinema Network held its annual general assembly on 8th November in Thessaloniki during the 64th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, has announced its latest slate of funding, which amounts to €63,000 in total. Seven feature-film projects, one from each of the network’s member states, which are currently at the development stage, will be supported with €9,000 each. The funded projects were selected from a pool of 14 applications coming from the countries of Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Romania.

The funded projects are:

  1. THE CONSEQUENCES OF FREEDOM / Dir.: Lorin Terezi / Albania
  2. RESONANCE / Dir.: Yordan Petkov / Bulgaria
  3. MY NAME IS LILY / Dir.: Yianna Americanou / Cyprus
  4. MY SOUL STARTLED / Dir.: Syllas Tzoumerkas / Greece
  5. FOUR FUNERALS AND A WEDDING / Dir.: Nikola Mijovic / Montenegro
  6. SPRING CLEANING / Dir.: Marija Apcevska / North Macedonia
  7. DON’T LET ME DIE / Dir.: Andrei Epure / Romania

In addition to the funding, the members of the Network, taking into account the requirements at the European level for recording statistical data, decided to announce from now on the gender percentages of the main contributors, specifically the director and producer. Therefore, in the latest financings, the participation of women amounts to 36%.