About the GFC

The Greek Film Centre (GFC) has been active since its foundation (in 1970 under the name “General Company of Cinema Enterprises”, as a subsidiary of a state-owned bank, the Hellenic Bank for Industrial Development), until today.

Today, its legal form is that of a non-profit legal entity of private law (N.P.I.D.), which is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in accordance with Law 3905/23.12.2010. The GFC belongs to the State, both in the sense of achieving a State or public purpose and in terms of supervision, and is regularly subsidised by State resources (namely the Ministry of Culture and Sports).

The governing bodies of the GFC, according to Law 3905/2010, are the Board of Directors (seven members) and the Managing Director, who are appointed by decision of the Minister of Culture, with a three-year renewable term of office.

The following Directorates are organised and operate at GFC (based on Law 3905/2010): a) Development and Production, b) International Audiovisual Producers (Hellenic Film Commission), c) Promotion (Hellas Film), d) Financial and Administrative Support. The GFC also has an independent Legal Service.

Today, the GFC is the main body for the implementation of film policy. Its main objectives are: a) the protection, enhancement and development of film production in Greece; b) the promotion, dissemination and promotion of the Greek cinematographic art in Greece and abroad; and c) the promotion of Greece abroad as a place suitable for the realisation of film and audiovisual productions and the attraction of foreign film and audiovisual productions in general to Greece.

The GFC aims to protect and develop film production and art in Greece by applying the following modern management practices:

  • increasing investments from the domestic market and abroad
  • Attracting foreign producers and co-producers
  • increase extroversion in Greek production
  • support for young creators
  • development of film education in Greece
  • transparency and efficiency in administration